Is It Still Good Deal To Buy Antminer S9 In Oct 2017?

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Hi guys, There are two technology giants Japanese company DMO and Samsung coming in mining with new 7nm and 3.5nm chips according.

23 Aug 2018.

At the current ~$7000 Aug 2018 price of Bitcoin, no, even with the current much lower hardware cost (Antminer S9 market price) and even with free electricity.

17 May 2020.

Jul 16, 2020.

The best mining device out of the entire slew of 'unprofitable' mining rigs.

Data shows that at $0.049 per kWh, Bitfury's B8 released in 2017 with.

and the price dump of the mining machine, someone would still buy S9.

Years ago the Bitmain made Antminer S9 series was one of the most.

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16 Apr 2017.

Their latest Antminer S9 is the top-notch ASIC miner that uses 16nm chip.

so as for April 2017, you can say that the average price of the S9 +.

USD, assuming you are buying the S9 from the official Bitmain site.

Bitcoin is steadily earning a good reputation and the way big.

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2 Sep 2017.

Published on Sep 2, 2017.

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Bitcoin Mining in September 2017 – Still Profitable?.

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12 September 2017; James Njau.

Good news folks! the Antminer S9 is compatible with already existing power supplies. So if you only want to get the S9 to upgrade your hardware for home mining, you won't.

What's the price of the S9?