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30 May 2018.

Bitconnect promised 1% daily return on Bitcoin investments: CID.

to mention a special software that used to decide on low and high points of Bitcoin for.

would get the person 0.2% and 0.25% additional returns on volatility.

3 Jan 2018.

crypto-community platform designed to provide multiple investment.

BitConnect's proprietary "volatility software and is accrued on a daily.

7 Jan 2019.

John Bigatton, head of promotion for BitConnect in Australia, is under.

His assets—including any cryptocurrency holdings, and the holdings of his.

BitConnect's proprietary “volatility trading software” then leveraged those.

The Bitcoin Group #172 - Volatile Bitcoin - Bitconnect - Blockstream Conspiracy - Asia Wrap-UpThe Bitconnect Ponzi scam is a huge black eye on the market; it shows the need for better quality controls.” he adds. Fear central to volatility. Agreeing that fear.

Bitcoin Code Review 13/04/2020  · Bitcoin Code Review Scam :- Stay Away and Save Your Hard Earned Money !! April 13, Hopefully not, and these issues alongside plenty of others will be addressed in our extensive Bitcoin Code review. Bitcoin Code Review – Steve McKay’s Scam Crypto Trading Software Exposed! This is an interesting place to start because there

Bitconnect received BTC Bitcoin when it was valued at $1,000 per coin!.

It's not a specific number, it based on what they call their Software Volatility Interest.