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Bitcoin Volatility Software Bitconnect 30 May 2018. Bitconnect promised 1% daily return on Bitcoin investments: CID. to mention a special software that used to decide on low and high points of Bitcoin for. would get the person 0.2% and 0.25% additional returns on volatility. 3 Jan 2018. crypto-community platform designed to provide multiple investment. BitConnect's proprietary "volatility software and

A crypto investment advisory firm ranks commonly discussed halving scenarios and proposes one of its own. On May 4,

Popular blockchain author, Andreas Antonopoulos, has criticized Chainalysis. According to him, firms like Chainalysis help in deanonymizing Bitcoin transactions. He said that these firms are helping.

My first Bitcoin talk on Bitcoin Neutrality from 2013BeInCrypto recently caught up with tech entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos to discuss the world of cryptocurrencies and beyond.